Digital Audio Recording

Audio Recording Company

Audio Recording In Studio

We provide a complete service from start to finish for your audio recording needs. Our audio recording studio can support large groups or single individuals. Record as a group with 24 tracks, or record individually on single tracks.

Audio Recording On Location

Live performances, concerts, presentations and meetings can be recorded on location. We provide 24 channels of audio recording with complete redundant backup to ensure the event is recorded successfully.

Audio Mixing

Audio mixing can be in stereo or surround sound. Monitor each channel individually. Store and compare mix versions quickly. Automate mix changes for complex level requirements. Be hands on with a full mixing console, not just a screen and mouse.

PA Equipment for Live Sound

Event PA equipment for live sound. Not concert audio, but live presentations. We can provide five speakers with stands, two self powered floor monitors, four 1500 watt amplifiers, various sized mixing boards, and a wide variety of microphones.

Equipment Highlights

TGA Recording Company
Mackie Mixer, Grace Monitor Control
Mackie d8b Mixer with Grace Monitor Control

Our mixer is the Mackie d8b which comes as close to mixing on an analogue board as we have found. It has 56 inputs comprised of 12 mic/line, 12 line, 24 tape returns, and eight alternative returns. The console is fully programmable with motorized faders. Mixes are easy to compare back and forth with snapshot recall of any mix settings. Advanced settings for EQ, gate and compressor are available for each channel individually. Light pipe fiber optic connections between the mixer and recorder mean that audio never leaves the digital realm while in production. Listen to each speaker by itself with our Grace M906 monitoring system.

Holophone H2 Pro
Holophone H2 Pro Surround Mic

The Holophone H2 Pro 7.1 surround sound microphone is designed to capture full 7.1 channel audio without the trouble of positioning all those mics individually. This single device has 8 microphones positioned in the exact locations necessary for ideal surround sound pick up. The unique shape of the microphone is designed to pickup sound in much the same way a human hears. TGA Recording owns one of these specialty microphones and has used it extensively while recording the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra.

Alesis 24 track recorders
Dual Alesis Digital Audio Recorders

Live event recording on location must be done right the first time. We have dual redundant recorders to ensure the event is recorded. These 24 channel digital audio recorders are independantly fed the identical sources. Each unit is recording during the entire event.

Yamaha Piano
Yamaha YPG-635 Portable Grand Keyboard

Full 88 key weighted graded hammer action portable keyboard available in studio. This features an authentic grand piano like touch which is heavy in the low end and light at the high end. Fully programmable with 491 voices and 12 drum/SFX kits built in. For complex musical pieces this keyboard is capable of playing 16 sounds at once. The three pedals provide nearly the same level of expressive control as a real grand piano

PA Equipment for Live Sound
PA Equipment for Live Sound

Equipment for a wide variety of public address live audio performance venues. Speakers, amplifiers, mixers, wireless and hard wired microphones, stands, media players, and crew communication equipment are available.

SRS Circle Surround Encoding
SRS Circle Surround Sound Encoding

Up to 6.1 channels of a surround sound mix can be encoded with the SRS digital Circle Surround system. This creates a standard 2 channel matrix track that can be delivered in any normal 2 channel medium. The advantage is that home theater users get a full surround sound playback while delivering normal stereo for everyone else. This process requires no change for broadcasters while providing a big benefit for the end users. This has become the surround sound broadcast standard of choice for major US networks, TV shows, sports, and other live events.

Audio, Video & Duplication Services

Audio, Video, Duplication Services

Audio Production

In studio or on location audio recording.
Audio mixing in stereo or 5.1 surround sound.
SRS Circle Surround Sound Audio Encoding.

Video Production

Shoot video in studio or on location.
Avid Media Composer Adrenaline video editing.
Deliver video via Webcast, Blu-ray, DVD or CD.

Duplication Services

CD and DVD duplication.
Photo quality on-disc label printing.
Anti-copy and retail ready overwrap available.