High Definition Video Production

TGA Recording Company

Video Recording In Studio

If your project can be done in our studio it will save you money. Our video and audio studio is 1180 square feet with 14 foot ceilings. There are white walls or black curtains in place. The staging and loading area has a 15 foot garage door to move things in.

Video Recording On Location

Events and presentations can be recorded on location as needed. We can provide up to three video cameras and full audio support for your project wherever it is. We can provide a switched video feed for large screen display during the event.

Video Editing

Video editing is the process of assembling the finished project with all the video clips, audio sources and graphics necessary to communicate your message. We use the Avid Media Composer Adrenaline system which handles High Definition as well as Standard Def video.

Webcast Services

Webcasting is the answer to cost savings. We can provide up to three cameras with full audio support, PowerPoint presentations and other playback sources, all switched live and streamed on the internet. Make your next presentation to people all over the world without having to leave home.

Multiple Delivery Format Options

When the project is finished it can be delivered in a variety of formats. Blu-Ray disc authoring is available for High Definition programs. DVD authoring is available for standard definition delivery. High Definition projects can be delivered as wide screen standard definition on DVD discs. Program material can be compressed to many different digital file formats for delivery on the internet.


We can provide a teleprompter in studio or on location. Make your presentation easier by having the words right in front of the camera lens for you to read.

Aerial Video Services

We can't sell it yet until the FAA comes up with the rules, but we have a few unmanned aerial vehicles. We have a quad copter with a GoPro for quick and simple shots. We have one UAV with dual operator controls for pilot and camera operator.

Equipment Highlights

TGA Recording Equipment Highlights
Camera Jib
Camera Jib / Boom

Camera boom with a maximum camera height of 13 feet 9 inches. Motorized pan, tilt and zoom control. Allows unobstructed camera shots even in crowds. Quick camera mobility from high to low angles. Can be used in studio or on location.

Video & Audio Studio
Video & Audio Studio

Video and audio studio is 1180 square feet with 14 foot ceilings. There are white walls or black curtains in place. The air handling for heating and cooling the studio is silent. There is a delivery/staging area with large garage door access next to the studio.

Steadicam Stabilization System

The Steadicam creates a stable mobile camera support. The camera appears to float through the scene. Follow a person or a process without having to break the shot into segments. Supports cameras between 4 and 15 pounds. Equipped with an HD monitor and dual batteries.

Webcast Switcher
Webcast Switcher

Portable webcast switcher for up to three video cameras with audio, microphone inputs, laptop input for PowerPoint and other applications, and an SD card player. Wireless communication gear for crew members. Send output video signal to projectors, recorders and stream to the internet to webcast worldwide.

Aerial Video Services
Aerial Video Services

We have a few different UAV's that we are experimenting with. Our large UAV is a two man operation with one being the pilot and the other being the camera operator. Wireless transmission enables viewing video on the ground. The camera operator has full pan tilt and zoom control of the camera for video and still shots.

Format Conversion
Format Conversion

Transfer old video formats into digital media for ease of use and preservation. We can still play many different video tape formats from the past. Transfer older media onto DVD disc or digital video files.

Audio, Video & Duplication Services

Audio, Video, Duplication Services

Audio Production

In studio or on location audio recording.
Audio mixing in stereo or 5.1 surround sound.
SRS Circle Surround Sound Audio Encoding.

Video Production

Shoot video in studio or on location.
Avid Media Composer Adrenaline video editing.
Deliver video via Webcast, Blu-ray, DVD or CD.

Duplication Services

CD and DVD duplication.
Photo quality on-disc label printing.
Anti-copy and retail ready overwrap available.