With the rise in popularity of You Tube, it is obvious that video has become one of the most prevalent forms of communication.  Video is effective for more than just entertainment.  Employees and customers can benefit from video training as well.

Employee Training:

Video training has many benefits, both for the employee and for the company, as a whole.  The immersive experience of audio and visual input increases comprehension, boosts productivity and improves employee performance.  Company benefits include lower costs for training, consistent message delivery, and increased employee retention.  From an organizational approach, video training can be accessed from anywhere at any time.  Video training can be segmented and provided just in time for critical needs.  Employees can learn at their own pace which also helps to increase the effectiveness of the training.

Customer Training:

Video training can be very helpful to your customers.  If your product requires assembly or set up, providing video instructions will increase your customer’s satisfaction.  Demonstrating best use practices will improve the customer experience with your product and their impression of your company.  Product demonstration videos can be used in sales as well as customer support after the sale.  With the increase of on-line sales, customers often cannot experience the old touch and feel technique.  Showing video of how the product will solve the customers need can help to replace this important missing element.   Product comparison is much more effective when shown in a video rather than listed in a chart.

Video Portals:

You Tube is a wonderful place to distribute your video if privacy is not important.  For subject matter that is not intended for public display, video portal software and cloud services are available that provide experiences similar to You Tube but allow total control of distribution.  Additionally, some of these services provide metrics that allow you to track the usage of videos for popularity and compliance.  Videos can be rated by users and they can leave comments.  Some companies have also incorporated employee created video as part of the experience.

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