Video length is very subjective.  According to the YouTube Playbook, the right video length is exactly as long as it keeps people glued to the screen.  This would suggest that video length is not the issue;

keeping viewer interest is what really matters.

Content is King.  This statement by Bill Gates, in 1996, is still true almost two decades later.  To keep a viewer interested, long enough to watch your entire video, requires very good content.

Keep these ideas in mind when considering the video length:

  • Make the video length as short as the information will allow.
  • Edit out all video that does not strengthen the subject matter.
  • Break up long videos by section and use a playlist to combine them.
  • Create short teaser videos that link to a full length version.
  • If your audience is familiar with you your video can be longer, but only if it is still interesting.

According to YouTube Statistics the amount of video watched per month is up 50% year over year.  Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube.  Half of those views are now from mobile devices.  This increase in viewing still does not mean people are watching any video in its entirety.

Because users often leave before a video is over:

  • Make the first 30 seconds of your video as compelling as possible.
  • Put the most important information near the beginning of your video.
  • Include a call to action near the beginning.
  • Save your branding till later in the video, or at the end.

Content is important, but do not forget these other vital elements:

  • Create a concise, catchy and accurate title with branding last.
  • Include keywords as close to the beginning as possible.
  • Keep the title short so it is not cut off when displayed in search results.
  • Create a description that includes the most important information in the first few sentences.
  • Include a link to your channel, or website, at the beginning of the description.
  • Include keyword tags of the most important words to search for .
  • Include your location for maps to show your viewers where you are.
  • Include a call to action in the description.

The more impact your video has on the viewer the more likely they will be to react to your call to action.  Let good content determine the best video length.

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