Video editing is more than just changing scenes. This is where all the elements come together, and sometimes is seems like magic. You can’t always control everything that goes on in front of the camera. But with some careful planning, and creative editing, things can look the way you wanted anyway. Lets get rid of the photographer in this scene by using a scene without her and wiping her out of sight.

If you have ever lost data because of a computer error, you’ll appreciate how this storage system works. All the video is stored on these separate hard drives. Even if one or two drives fail we don’t loose a thing. Simply remove the bad drive, install a new one, and within an hour or so, all the footage is re-created and ready to use. This is especially comforting when editing something that only happens once.

Music can set the mood of a scene. This smart music library makes fitting your program even easier. Just pick a song you like from nearly 4000 to choose from. Enter the length you need. Pick the mood that fits the program, and this software custom makes your song to fit. Many selections allow you to change the mix of the song as well. Want more drums? Turn them up. Want less piano? Turn it down. This way you can customize the sound of the music just the way you want. The software makes the length you want so you get a start and an end instead of just a fade out.

Covering an event with multiple cameras: After the fact, this feature lets us sync the footage from three cameras, and switch scenes as if it was a live event. The big advantage of this is the ability to go back and make changes if necessary.

Fit to fill is a special tool that allows a scene to be stretched or shrunk to fit a specific length of time. The system calculates the proper playback percentage automatically. This can be a real life saver, if the only thing to show is not the right length.

Good video editing is not a simple task and it takes some skill. Let TGA Recording Company develop the flow and design of your next story.

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