Shooting video is something almost everyone does, all the time. YouTube has provided the ability to show anything to anybody in the whole wide world. Spend some time watching amateur video and a few things start to become quite evident. Not enough people, shooting video, understand that good audio is more important than a good picture. Holding a cell phone vertically, for shooting video, is a terrible waste of screen space when watching on a regular monitor. No matter how trendy the handheld camera look, or searching for a point to focus on, is, there is still a lot to be said for a good solid shot with proper lighting and good composition.

We understand the need for good audio. We have microphones for every different occasion.

One way we can help you look good on camera is with a teleprompter. This device lets you read the words you want to say while looking directly into the camera lens. The audience will get the feeling you are speaking directly to them. You can have the confidence of knowing that what you want to say will sound just the way you wrote it.

Depending on what the subject is, we can provide a variety of camera supports to fit the need. Our newest support is a slider. This device makes the smoothest camera moves around. Either fast or slow, the camera motion is silky smooth and repeatable. The Steadicam is a wearable camera support that allows the operator to move smoothly through a scene giving the camera the appearance of floating. A boom allows the camera to move over a large area, from a high view to a low view. This can provide an unobstructed view in a crowd, a view looking straight down, or a giant sweeping view of a scene.

The next time you need a video that needs to look and sound as good as possible, give us a call at TGA Recording Company. We make you feel comfortable and look good.

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