Results are what matter, but budgets can be limiting.  When it comes to producing a video, how do you get more results for less money?

Every video production involves details.  The more details there are, the more planning will be required.  The final product is what you need to consider first.  Nothing is as simple as it seems.  People generally underestimate the amount of time it will take to accomplish a project.  Almost everything takes longer than expected.  Create a description of your final product with as much detail as you can.

When it comes to actually making the video, someone who understands video production will create the best results.  Hiring a production company can provide you with years of experience, better equipment, back-up equipment, problem prediction, and problem solutions.

Find a local video recording company.  Discuss your project, and the results you expect.  Ask for more than you actually expect to get.  Listen to their suggestions and be open to new ideas.

Rate sheets are a general idea of the cost of a service.  Since every video is a custom creation, it is impossible to list every conceivable scenario and the price it will be.  A rate sheet will generally have prices that include everything possible for a given service.  Your project may only require some parts of a service.  Estimates are a best guess based on the rate sheet, with little to no information.  An estimate will not tell you what the final cost will actually be.

If you want to make sure the price you hear at the beginning is the price you pay at the end, ask for a quote, not an estimate.   Quotes are like a research paper on your project.  Every aspect discussed about your production will be spelled out and have a price.   Be aware, that any changes you make during the production, including things you may have forgotten to mention, will be in addition to the quote.

For video production in Southwest Michigan, contact TGA Recording Company at 269-926-7581, or visit  The more planning done ahead of time, the more money you will save in the end.  Fully understanding the final product, before production begins, can create better than expected results.

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