How much is a word worth: That depends on where the word is located. Advertising contains some of the most expensive words there are. Probably the most expensive words are on commercials run during the Big Game. Advertisers paid 4.5 million dollars for 30 seconds of airtime according to USA Today. The following is a breakdown of some more affordable advertising options and the cost per word for each.

FREE online listings let you enter your company name, address, phone number and website, approximately 12 – 18 words. These are usually in an uncategorized list, which makes it difficult for anyone to find. These listings are not very useful, but they are FREE.

Paid online listings with categories. These are usually unpromoted listings that users have to find on their own. They include 25 – 35 words for around $10.00 per month which works out to .28 – .40 cents per word.

Online banners and promoted listings. These listings show up higher in search results. Banners show up at the top or bottom of a page and include approximately 10 – 20 words. These listings run around $15 – $45 per month which works out to .75 to $5.00 per word.

Business directory print ads are usually limited to your company name and a phone number. They are displayed in a categorized list with no description. These cost between $19 and $39 per month, or $4 – $13 per word.

Small display print ads can include your company name, address, phone number, website, a short description and a small picture. The exposure you get depends on the distribution of the publication. Some of these include a similar online listing as well. This is approximately 25 – 30 words that cost between $59 – $119 per month, or $2 – $5 per word.

Full page print ads will certainly draw attention and they provide plenty of space for lots of words and pictures. Circulation depends on the publication. A full page can typically hold anywhere between 500 – 2500 words. The cost per month is around $1599 – $2499, which works out to $3 to $5 per word.

Radio advertising is usually sold in 30 second increments. You can have your commercial play on a rotating schedule, which is cheaper, but unpredictable. Your audience may or may not be listening to that channel, or any channel at the time your commercial plays. You can fit somewhere between 60 – 75 words into 30 seconds. With advertising costs around $495 to $2000 per month, that works out to $6 to $33 per word.

Local cable TV advertising includes both audio and video. The cost to run a 30 second ad depends upon what time of day, what program is on and how many viewers they have for that program. Approximate cost for four spots per day with 60 to 75 words runs around $1500 to $2500 per month. That works out to $20 – $41 per word.

Billboard advertising has a lower number of words than many other forms of advertising. This is due to the nature of the media. People that see the billboard are usually moving by and need to be able to read and understand your ad very quickly. Estimate approximately 10 – 20 words at most. The costs can run from $700 – $2500 per month, which is $35 – $250 per word.

Network TV advertising, the sky is approximately the limit. Consider those ads during the Big Game with 60 – 75 words and a cost of 4.5 million dollars. That turns into a cost of $60,000 to $75,000 per word.

Consider this for comparison. YouTube is worldwide, with close to a billion visitors every month. Having a video on YouTube today is almost a requirement. Once produced, there is no ongoing cost. You can share your philosophy, show off your facility, explain how you add value, tell how you’re better than your competition, flaunt your specialty, present special offers to viewers, and sell sell sell. Visuals will enhance the words you use. You can share your video, with a link, in every email and text message you send out. Encourage others to Like and Share you video. Keeping your video short is important for the short attention span of people today. A 2 minute video can have approximately 300 words. We can produce a video like that for $2 to $3 per word. Call us at 269-926-7581 and let’s discuss the details, or check us out online at

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