Duplication is the final part of the video production process.  The process of duplication is simple, make copies of your project to distribute to your users.   With so many devices available to users, it is getting difficult to know what the best format for distribution will be.  Unfortunately, there is not one format that can satisfy every device or user.  If you have a video that you want the world to see, upload it to You Tube and your distribution is free.  If you want to control who can access your video,  you will have to pay for a host and set up access control.

What if you need to distribute your video where the user may not have internet access?  Now you have to pick a physical solution that you can provide to your users.

USB flash drives are great for most users, but not every device has a USB port.  Considering the cost is between $3.00 to $4.00 each makes this a fairly expensive form of distribution.  Worse yet, your end user can just delete your material and use the flash drive for their own stuff.

CD and DVD is still the most affordable physical form of media delivery.  The problem is that fewer and fewer devices have disc drives.  Fewer yet have blu-ray drives for delivering high definition video.

Working out the best answer for your video distribution takes a lot of consideration.  Call us at 269-926-7581 and let us help you make the best choice.  Check out our CD and DVD duplication services at http://tgarecording.com/CD-DVD-Duplication.html.

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