Digital Audio recording. Do you have a presentation to record? Are you a musician? We record great sounding audio. Once audio is in the system, it remains digital from start to finish. There are 24 tracks that can be recorded individually or simultaneously. Each track has its own EQ, compressor and gate settings for individual control. While mixing, we can record snapshots of the board, which provides the ability to quickly switch between different mix versions, for comparison.

No matter what the situation might be, we have a selection of microphones that can handle just about any digital audio recording. Using the right microphone for the right type of sound is another way we help improve your audio. We have drum mics, large diaphragms, micro booms, shotguns, variable patterns, stereo pairs, a blue mic and a big subkick, just to show a few. We have a Neumann U87, Earthworks SR25’s, and a Holophone H2-Pro for those impressed by names and numbers.

You can record your script in our sound booth. Your group can record, all together, in our large recording room. Even the air handling was designed to not interfere with digital audio recording.

Music performances sound great when recorded and mixed in 5.1 channel surround sound. After it is mixed we can deliver it on a CD with SRS Circle Surround encoding. This allows both a stereo playback as well as surround sound playback in a home theater system.

To ensure that we capture your event, we run two recorders on location. This backup does not cost any extra, it is provided for your peace of mind.

If you need audio to sound its best, call us at TGA Recording. We help make your digital audio recording sound great.

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