CD DVD Duplication. We can produce any number of copies you need. The CD DVD duplication process copies your material onto each disc, then it does a complete bit-by-bit verification to ensure data accuracy. Need fast turnaround? We can easily produce up to 1000 copies a day. On-Disc printed labeling can be simple text and a logo, or a full color, photo quality picture.

Copy Lock protected video is the easiest way to keep your video safe. Increase your sales by protecting your DVDs from illegal copying. This is a great value. After we protect your master, you pay nothing extra, per disc, for protected copies. Contact us at TGA Recording Company for more information.

Need your CD DVD Duplication to look just like other discs do in the stores? We have retail ready overwrap available for jewel cases and DVD cases. That clear plastic wrap that gets torn off and thrown away is also what gives that brand new, never been touched feeling. It protects cases from scratches and damage. It prevents discs from being removed from cases. This is available for any quantity.

Do you have old video and audio tapes that you want to preserve? We provide conversion services from many different formats. We convert video tapes to DVD or digital video files for use in video editing software. Audio tapes can be converted to CD or digital audio files. The conversion process is done in real time, so an hour long tape will take an hour to digitize. No more color deterioration, no more tape breaking down and not playing. Format conversion will preserve your memories digitally for many years to come.

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  1. I like how you say that you would want to consider DVD duplication for any old videos that you may have. It would be good to have backups in case something happens. Finding a qualified service would also be helpful.

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